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5 Things I wish I would have known before working as a front-end developer!

So you’ve chosen to become a web developer. Great! Before diving directly into coding, you need to know a few things. I have a list of things which I felt I could’ve done before landing a job as a full-time front-end developer.

1) React vs Angular vs Vue vs etc…

Stay away from anything sounds like “React vs Angular vs Blah blah” It’s so frustrating these days that you learn any stack let’s say the front-end stack of HTML, CSS, JS and Vue.js and every other day there is a medium blog article or a youtube video on React vs Angular vs Vue vs etc… I use to switch on frameworks quite and I ended up wasting my entire day on youtube just to choose a framework.

2) Coding generally is difficult

I know it may sound discouraging but yes coding is difficult that’s the reason why companies pay you heavy bucks to solve a problem, often people would have noticed that you wrap your head around a problem and couldn’t even get closer to the solution. So the point is it happens with every one of us and if you’re a beginner it’s quite easy to get stuck at a point.

3) Data Structures and Algorithms

Gosh someone should’ve told me the importance of Data Structures and Algorithms during my academics. If you’re a beginner and have just started programming, I would highly recommend you to have a good hold over DS and Algorithms, this would not only help you land a job but will also help you to compare solutions and to choose the best one to a given problem. MIT OpenCourseWare has a very fantastic playlist of Introduction to Algorithms on youtube!

4) Practice, Practice and Practice

It requires 1000 hours to learn a skill and 10000 hours to master it, how soon you’ll learn depends upon how many hours you’ve been coding! Also, you don’t need to learn everything here you can use the 80:20 principle, the quick interpretation of 80:20 principle is 80% of your results depends on 20% of your efforts.

5) Personal Projects

Once you’re done learning any stack start working on your portfolio, if you want to stand out from the crowd, I’d recommend you to have a good portfolio on GitHub/Gitlab.

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