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Testing Needed Before Software Release

Software Testing process is to check the correctness, completeness, and check the quality of software. A process, to evaluate the functionality of a software application with an intent to find whether the developed software met the specified requirements or not and to identify the defects to ensure that the product is defect-free to produce the quality product. This article will shed light on the most important types of testing that will help you release bug-free and perfect software.

Functional Testing

As the name functional, Functionality means to check out all the functions of the software stated by the client or decided on the requirements.
Consider the example of Instagram. For every post, there is a like icon and when it is pressed, the post should be liked. If something else happens, then there is a problem. And this problem must be resolved before release. A lot is expected from an App/Website before releasing, for example easy navigation, if it contains a login register then it should working and success message should display. There must be a good system of notifications of error pages and pop-ups must work and inform the user about the issue.

UI/UX Testing

This is basically looking/feel and how to ease the use of software/application to the user. Make your users happy with good UI. And for that, you need to perform UI/UX testing. To check Efficiency, Accuracy of software. The advantages of this testing are: it helps uncover usability issues before the product is marketed, helps improve end-user satisfaction, makes your system highly effective and efficient.

Responsive Testing

In today’s mechanized world, the websites are not just viewed on a laptop nor a desktop but also on a tablet and a smartphone as well.
Responsive web design is an approach to design a website to make the web pages to construe with different devices and their screen sizes. It needs to be tested for different browsers, different screen sizes, modes – landscape or portrait etc.
for example, software/application should look the same on every personal computer. Taking Gmail example it runs on your desktop, runs same in mobile, tablet, laptop.

Security Testing

Security testing is to find out defects on your software. This test conducted during the earlier phases for greater product efficiency. This testing is performed to ensure that your encryption is up to the mark. Protect your software from malicious scripts from hackers. Example- A password should be in an encrypted format, Application or System should not allow invalid users, Check cookies and session time for application

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