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Brand Overview

We were super excited to design a new online product for Mswipe - one that involved a seamless real-time interplay between merchants and consumers!

As the COVID-19 pandemic affected several businesses in India, it led to forced furloughs and unforgiving pay cuts for many families. Given the reduction in consumer purchasing power, brands found themselves hunting for sustainable innovations to survive.


Problem Statement

Developing an online shopping platform that operates in 3 easy steps

Mswipe, an independent mobile POS merchant acquirer and network provider, wanted to develop an easy-to-navigate marketplace for 100+ sellers.

  • 01 Today, startups and renowned organizations have introduced their brand-specific EMI and cashback options on online platforms like Mswipe.
  • 02 Presently, less than 500, 000 SMEs have a type of Point of Scale (POS) System. With no access to mainstream financial services and digital commerce, the pressure to sustain in the market rose higher for the 15 million Indian SMEs.
  • 03 They were looking for a system that allows merchants to register their Brand EMI offerings using simple forms, with the convenience of sharing direct integration with the major Indian banks - all in 6-7 steps at max.

Strategies That Optimized Results

Do some warm-up, approach the challenge, and win the game!

The holistic objective of this project was well-understood. However, it was easier said than done. To get the software up and running, PsychX86 implemented a series of measures to meet their goal.


The More, The Better

You're successful when you can understand your audience's needs. Precisely what Psych X86 aimed for and achieved in this project!

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    Solutions Offered

    It was important to create a system that lives up to the audience's expectations. Therefore, the team conducted rigorous rounds of testing to verify the system's workability. Post-testing, Mswipe successfully launched its new product in the market!


    Ready for Take-Off

    It was crucial to achieving a system that scaled vertically and horizontally for Mswipe's Brand EMI offering. This result was impossible without retaining a common design language.

    With this elaborate strategy deployed, Psych X86 achieved the objective of creating the largest Indian online marketplace for connecting brands, merchants, issuers, and cardholders.

      I have experienced my products and it is very good with changing the components to our and even my employees have found it very helpful in their in-house works and some of my clients wanted to experience the product too.

      Vittorio Colao CEO, Vodafone

      The Results?

      Seamless real-time interplay between merchants and consumers

      Reduced manual workload

      Efficient processing

      Higher throughput

      Better user engagements

      More work

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