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Brand Overview

We were super excited to design a new o We were very excited to create an e-commerce store for Mswipe!

2020 was a game-changer for India. The nation experienced unforeseen lockdowns and unlock restrictions. This mandatory home arrest led to a significant impact on businesses, particularly in the offline space.


Problem Statement

Developing a system that is easy to navigate and is time-saving for both merchants and consumers.

Mswipe was looking to develop a thin client to help shopowners set their online inventory and sell their offerings to a wide customer base, They wanted to create a system for merchants to register their business profile, add detailed product descriptions and images, and be able to share their online store on social media channels and SMS via a single link.

  • 01 India witnessed a 71.31% increase in the number of online orders placed between April 2020 to September 2020.
  • 02 In the same time-frame, UPI was the most preferred mode of payment (48.2%).
  • 03 To keep up with these changing times, how does a merchant acquirer and network provider scale up its game in the business?

Key Strategies

Conducting great groundwork rescues unforeseen technical challenging situations!

Psych X86 wanted to build a system that could be scaled vertically and horizontally whilst retaining a common design language. The team opted for the conventional yet effective research-and-execution strategy to fulfil their client's vision.


But, Test First

Act as the first consumer to experience the offerings! After mapping the technicalities, the team proceeded towards designing and developing mera online store's thin client and software. The team opted for API Integration to ensure a smooth functioning system.

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    Solutions Offered

    It was important to create a system that lives up to the audience's expectations. Therefore, the team conducted rigorous rounds of testing to verify the system's workability. Post-testing, Mswipe successfully launched its new product in the market!


    The Results

    Your online identity determines your business's health, 2021 marks the rise of the digital world. For businesses to survive, it's vital to register on platforms like Mswipe to take advantage of their wide consumer network and easy navigating products like meraonlinestore.

      I have experienced my products and it is very good with changing the components to our and even my employees have found it very helpful in their in-house works and some of my clients wanted to experience the product too.

      Vittorio Colao CEO, Vodafone

      The Results?

      Deploying the right strategy helped Psych X86 attain their client's goals, making it a win-win for all.

      Multiple app downloads

      Penetration into hidden markets

      Higher throughput

      Better user engagements

      More work

      A commodity trading platform. Connecting anyone directly with reliable and trustworthy food processing units or broker to get better rates and get quality products.

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