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Industry Insights

We were thrilled to create a real-time payment link system for Mswipe's platform.

2020 is etched in human history forever. One strain of the virus has disrupted millions of lives and a thousand ways of living. India, a traditionally cash-dependent economy, is now transitioning its operations onto the online space.

With social distancing guidelines and curfews announced across the country, the question is: How do local businesses and their established competitors make consumers honour their invoices?


Problem Statement

Developing a system that works well within manually-set expiry dates.

Mswipe, an independent mobile POS merchant acquirer and network provider, wanted to introduce a contact less payment mechanism for facilitating convenience for their registered merchants.

  • 01 The sharable link will hold the buyer's details and a copy of the invoice for their reference. Sellers can create them on the Mswipe Merchant App and share the payment link via SMS, WhatsApp, and Social Media Channels.
  • 02 They wanted to integrate these facilities with real-time payment transactions in one single link. Further, they wanted the link to Track merchant and consumer activities, Be applicable until the set expiry date, Notify both parties of any actions taken

Our Successful Approach

Because, every detail matters!

Psych X86 chose the conventional research-and-execution method to avoid any technical mishaps or other complications.

Next, it was time to test the product's viability.


Testing System: 1,2,3

Introduce Challenges. Go Robust, To implement this tagline in our operations, the team used permutation and combinations of various data sets to ensure a smooth-running system. Upon successful performance, the product was approved for release.

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    Solutions Offered

    The following categories highlight the set of actions described above, Requirement analysis, development, testing and release management


    Solutions That Drive Results

    Get, Set, Go! Pay By Link works as a fantastic USP in building Mswipe's brand. Psych X86's strategy hit right on the bull's eye to achieve a system that scaled vertically and horizontally, all while retaining a common design language.

    • -

    I have experienced my products and it is very good with changing the components to our and even my employees have found it very helpful in their in-house works and some of my clients wanted to experience the product too.

    Vittorio Colao CEO, Vodafone

    The Results?

    The benefits of this redesign were manifold:

    Efficient payment systems

    Better engagement for end users

    Generated higher revenues

    Seamless integrations

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